" Kitten   Inclusions "

If you are wanting a Kitten that Roams

                                           our  Kittens  won't be going to your home.


Everyone  needs  an  Angel...

We are not a cattery,  we breed Ragdolls in and around our home for the pure pleasure of their  company.

Our kittens  go  home with the following  -

  • Desexing.
  •  2 x F3   Kitten Vaccinations.
  • Microchipped.
  • Worm & Flea
  • Litter Trained
  • Folder with   Vet  Paperwork & Updates.
  • Kitten Care Sheet.
  • Kitten  Settling in  Tips  Sheet.
  • Copy of Parents Pedigree Papers.
  • Food Samples.
  • OzPet  Litter  Sample.
  • Royal Canin Folder with Paperwork for   free 2kg  bag of dry food plus discounts.
  • Royal Canin  "Kitten First Year"  book.
  • Pet Brush.
  • Teddy.
  • Blanket.
  • Feather Teaser.
  • Multiple small toys.
  • We do Reserve  the  Right  to  withdraw our kittens from sale,  with full refund,   if we feel it is not the right home.