Welcome  to  the  Wonderful  World  of  Ragdolls

A Bit  About  Angel  Eyes  Ragdolls

Angel Eyes Ragdolls are Registered Breeder with  Queensland Feline Association.

We live on 13 acres of rain forest & palm tree covered  land in the Maroochydore district,  on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of  Queensland, Australia.

We were always dog people,  golden retrievers,  and to be honest  I was a little wary of cats.  One day, out of the blue,  we met a ragdoll and couldn't believe how relaxed and easy going their temperament was,  I even nursed it !,   it was just like  our  golden retrievers temperament.

We had never thought about breeding until we got our own Ragdolls, and  we thought,  people need to know about these cats,  they are amazing, not scary at all.   And our Journey started.

Besotted Yes!  this is now  our 17th year of breeding Ragdolls (2023) and the only  regret we have  is that we didn't  meet Ragdolls earlier.


* They are great for apartments, no barking and annoying the neighbours.

* They poop in their litter tray all you have to do is keep it clean for them.

* They will follow you everywhere, even the Loo!

* Beautiful blue innocent eyes looking up at you.

* Very loving, make very good therapy cats for young and old.

* They are  definitely  "stress busters"   if you are having a rough day.

* They really are  just like a small child  wrapped in fur.

* They can be trained to fetch a soft small ball  also harnessed trained for walks.


* It's very hard to go on holidays as you don't want to leave them.

* They will try and get in the refrigerator every time you open it  !!!

* Their feet will come under the toilet door,  trying to find you  when you are in there.

* They do shed for about six weeks,   twice a year,  coming into Winter and  Summer, a metal  pet comb is great for this.

* If they  have a big coat it can matt under their armpits.


Driveway to Angel Eyes Ragdolls.                                   Garden at  front door                                 Viewing / Sunroom

Enclosed outdoor area attached to the  verandah.       One of our cat tunnels going around the house.              Gateway to gardens

Looking down driveway to house.                     Looking up driveway from house and parking area.                            Entrance to  house.

 "A few of  our  Litters "